Reality started to sink in this week: As the outbreak swept through Europe and the Middle East,  governments that were previously skeptical of its seriousness began to change their tune.

※sink in=実感が湧く

※outbreak=①突然の発生 ②大流行/急激な増加


A growing number of firms have been encouraging greater use of telecommuting as they try to minimize the risks of employees contracting the COVID-19 coronavirus, bracing for a likely spread of the highly infectious novel disease in Japan.

※telecommuting=在宅勤務 teleworkingもOK

※brace for=~に備える、~に構える


Telecommunications giant NTT Group has decided to promote teleworking and off-peak commuting.

※時差出勤はstaggered commuting/staggered office hours/staggered working hoursも



"Every store I go in, the masks are all gone, the sanitizers are gone, alcohol wipes are gone, the gloves are gone. You only see a big gaping hole with nothing on the shelves."

※sanitizer=消毒剤 除菌スプレーはanti-bacterial spray、disinfectant sprayなど。


People in Japan are going to unusual lengths with DIY solutions.

※go to any length=〔目的達成のために〕どんなことでもする、どんな苦労も惜しまない

※DIY=do it yourself日曜大工


The mask boom has prompted sellers to jack up prices and exploit demand.  The hysteria has led to bulk-buying and price-gouging. This has meant a shortage for medics(医療従事者) who need them.  Chinese Americans are buying in bulk to send to their families overseas.

※jack up=ジャッキで持ち上げる、〔料金などを〕つり上げる、値上げする

※bulk buying/purchase=大量購入、まとめ買い

※price-gouging=便乗値上げ、価格つり上げ gougeは不当な値段をふっかける

ライブハウスのような換気の悪い場所=poorly ventilated placesでの感染がクラスターを生みます。

Infections spread in closed indoor spaces such as live music clubs and buffet parties.  One person could spread the virus to multiple people in closed indoor spaces, forming clusters of patients.

※ライブハウスは和製英語 live music clubとしないと伝わりません。


In various cities around the world, people of Asian descent have been documenting xenophobic incidents on social media.

※xenophobia=外国人嫌い、外国人恐怖症 xenoの語源はギリシャ語でstranger

~phobiaは~恐怖症、~嫌い(語源はラテン語でfear) ⇔philia(語源はギリシャ語でfriendship)


The coronavirus has spawned an infodemic. That is the World Health Organization’s term for the conspiracies,  unsubstantiated claims, and phony cures surrounding the outbreak of Covid-19.



※unsubstantiated=証拠建てられていない、根拠のない substantiate実証する、立証する